German based on English method

Learn German fast online from English based on English words and structures.

Activate Your German You Already Know

Is it possible to learn German fast online? The answer is: yes! Simply because German and English are not so different from each other. In fact, you know a lot of German already! Both languages share thousands of similar words and have similar sentence structures. This is how anyone who knows English can actually pick up basic German easily - and speak it right away! And the best thing is that you don't need to study a lot of grammar or words. It just needs an innovative German learning method to point out the similarities and some practice...

Learn fast German from English. The easy way for German language learning.

Der Lerneffekt (The Learning Effect)

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The Easiest Way To Learn German You Will Find On The Internet

Learn German fast from English now
How to learn German from English. The easiest and fastest way for beginners.

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Learn German Fast From English: The Complete Online Course For Beginners [GboE method]
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The complete course (full package) includes

10 German lessons + bonus material on 344 pages

German pronunciation audio files: almost 12 hours

Video lessons to speak German: 26 1/2 hours

An Innovative Approach

✓ Keep German simple through similarities with English

✓ Stick to what is important to be able to speak German

✓ No need to study complex grammar rules

✓ Avoid what is unncessary for effective communication

✓ Speak German easily

It Doesn’t Matter How Old You Are Or What Experience You Have Had With German - Now Communicating In German Is Possible For Everyone

Learn To Speak German Now
The easiest way to learn German fast is from English. Travel to Germany, Austria and Switzerland.
Learn German online from English fast and easily. On your smartphone, tablet and PC.

Multiple Ways to Learn (PDF, audio, video)

Three simple steps

1. PDF documents to study words and to learn how to build sentences in German

2. Audio files for listening and pronunciation training in German

3. Video lessons to practice speaking German

What students say

"I think this is one of the best courses and method I've ever seen, learning a new language has never been so easy like this, out of 10 sections I only finished 3 sections I can clearly see that I am actually reading, writing, and forming Geman words and sentences, I am really excited to the next sections, I highly recommand this course."

Mohammed Abdelmalek

A very intelligent approach to learn German .....very happy with the material!

Monica Huerta

What Science Says

Learn German from English. Online German course for beginners. Fast and efficient.

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