The top 25 German verbs are very useful words to know because they are the 25 most frequently used verbs in the German language. Language learners should learn them because they are being used quite often.

1. sein to be
2. haben to have
3. werden to become
4. können can, to be able to
5. müssen must, to have to
6. sagen to say
7. machen to do, make
8. geben to give
9. kommen to come
10. sollen should, ought to
11. wollen to want
12. gehen to go
13. wissen to know
14. sehen to see
15. lassen to let, allow, have done
16. stehen to stand
17. finden to find
18. bleiben to stay, remain
19. liegen to lie, be lying
20. heißen to be called
21. denken to think
22. nehmen to take
23. tun to do
24. dürfen may, to be allowed
25. glauben to believe

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Source: A Frequency Dictionary of German. Core Vocabulary for Learners. Randall Jones & Erwin Tschirner, 189 p. (2006).