The top 25 German conjunctions are very useful words to know because they are the 25 most frequently used conjunctions in the German language. Language learners should learn them because they are being used quite often.

1. und and
2. dass that
3. als as, when
4. oder or
5. aber but
6. wenn if, when, whenever
7. weil because
8. denn because
9. sondern but (rather)
10. ob whether
11. sowie as well as
12. beziehungsweise (bzw.) or, respectively
13. obwohl although
14. nachdem after
15. bevor before
16. sowohl both (... und) ... and
17. weder neither (... noch) ... nor
18. so dass so that
19. indem while, by
20. entweder either (... oder) or
21. solange as long as
22. falls in case, if
23. sobald as soon as
24. zumal particularly, especially
25. (je ...) desto (the ...) the

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Source: A Frequency Dictionary of German. Core Vocabulary for Learners. Randall Jones & Erwin Tschirner, 189 p. (2006).