How To Transform Your English Into Basic German

The ultimate beginner's course to learn German from English

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Everyone knows that German is a difficult language. But it doesn't have to be.

What if you could learn German without putting in much effort?

What if you could speak basic German without studying much?

What if there was finally a way to learn basic German easily and quickly in only a few hours?

What if you could communicate in German simply by using what you already know from English?

What if you could transform your English into the German language right now?

The secrets of learning German from English for beginners

Before I became a foreign language teacher myself, I had to learn the languages from the very beginning. I learned English, French and Spanish at High School and at language schools. When I was sitting in the classrooms or at home doing homework I often found it difficult to make sense of the new words and grammar that seemed to be from another planet. I felt overwhelmed. I had moments where I felt lost and just couldn't make sense of it what the teacher was trying to explain to me about that language. I felt that the way the teachers were teaching were not very effective, sometimes confusing and that it just took too much time and effort to finally see results. I was thinking that there had to be an easier way to learn a new language. I experienced that whenever I could make a connection to German - my mother tongue - I could understand and learn the new language much easier and faster (for example English and German words: brother - Bruder, house – Haus, cat – Katze, and so on). The teacher did not have to explain so much to me because it all came natural. But unfortunately the teachers rarely made use of it.

A few years later, when I started teaching German I noticed even more how similar English and German actually are. I realized that not just many words were similar but also many phrase structures. After doing some research I found out that around 50% of the English words are related to German and the word order has many similarities as well because both languages have the same roots since they belong to the Germanic language family. But the way we were supposed to teach German did rarely make use of what German has in common with English. Instead, the books taught vocabulary and grammar which were complicated and not so useful for typical real life situations with German speakers or for travelling. And being able to speak and communicate easily should be the final goal – not to make a rocket science out of it – I thought.

I noticed that many language learners don't want to lose endless hours on grammar theory and on memorizing hundreds or even thousands of words until they finally speak their target language. I personally would have loved a teacher who would've pointed out similarities first rather than starting out with what I don't know, struggling all the way and learning slowly. Imagine how motivating it is to first discover and use what you already know about German. In fact, many language learners - maybe you are one of them - want to be able to communicate in German as quickly as possible and start out with the basics that are important for communication in a German speaking environment.

So I finally came up with the idea to create a German learning method which takes advantage of what English speakers already know about German and activate this knowledge to make learning as natural and easy as possible for anyone who knows English. Combined with the 100 most frequently used German words it’s possible to create thousands of sentences in German without much effort – a powerful shortcut to the German language that can transform your English into German in 48 hours or less!