Top 25 German Words: Adjectives

The top 25 German adjectives are very useful words to know because they are the 25 most frequently used adjectives in the German language. Language learners should learn them because they are being used quite often.

1. ganz whole, all the     
2. groß big, large, great     
3. gut good     
4. neu new     
5. erste, -r, -s first     
6. lang long     
7. deutsch German     
8. klein small, little     
9. alt old    
10. hoch high, tall     
11. einfach simple, easy     
12. letzte, -r, -s last     
13. gleich same
14. möglich possible
15. eigen own
16. schön beautiful, pleasant, good
17. spät late
18. wichtig important
19. weitere, -r, -s additional
20. genau exact
21. jung young
22. kurz short
23. stark strong
24. richtig right, correct
25. verschieden different, diverse

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Source: A Frequency Dictionary of German. Core Vocabulary for Learners. Randall Jones & Erwin Tschirner, 189 p. (2006).

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