The secrets of learning German from English for beginners

"I would like to learn German but I heard it is too difficult and I don't have the time to spend endless hours on learning the grammar, memorizing all the new words and even do the pronunciation right."

If that sounds familiar to you I can assure you that you are not the only one out there. In fact, learning German in a more easy and efficient way - avoiding the long, tough and painful path of learning the language is a desire which many language learners have.

Count yourself lucky - you as an English speaker have a surprising advantage. Since German and English have the same Germanic language roots it can be astonishingly fast and easy for you to learn basic German! It simply needs the right learning method to activate the German you already know from your English!

Spoiler altert: This online course is not about “learning German” like back in school, it is about transforming your English into the German language!

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