Is the GboE method worth the money?

Definitely yes. It is great value because it is an innovative method which you don't find anywhere else and if you compare the prices at language schools or with private mentors their prices usually range from 20-60$ just per one single hour plus 20-30$ for a textbook.

How do I know that the GboE method actually works?

If you haven't done it already just try out lesson 1 and 2 for free and see it for yourself. Repetitions of German words and structures throughout the entire language course make sure that what you have learnt stays in your memory more easily. Furthermore this methods uses techniques that are proven to be effective by language science.

How do I get access to the learning material?

Once you have subscribed you immediately get access to your learning materials. With your account information you can login at any time, from anywhere, as long and often your subscription goes.

Can I download the learning materials?

You can download the PDF document and you can open and download it directly in your login area. You can stream the audio and video files on Vimeo.

How do I learn with the GboE method?

1. Study the PDF document
2. Play the audio files for each lesson and read out loud the words and sentences
3. Play the video files for each lesson and practice speaking

Can I get my money back if I don't like the language course?

If you don't like the GboE method and you want to stop learning German or use an other, more difficult and less efficient language course you can reclaim your money within 10 days and you will get refunded. No questions asked!

What is included?

The GboE method includes a PDF document, audio files and video lessons. 4414 German words, 10 lessons on 334 pages, almost 12 hours of audio files to listen and repeat and 26 1/2 hours of video lessons to practice speaking. The package descriptions tell you what you will learn in each of the lessons.